I think I never stopped being creative but when I think twice, did I ever start? I don’t remember. I don’t think creativity has any kind of starting point. It’s not like in “come on folks! Now that we have hunted down a big huge mammoth, lit the fire and are save in our cave, we finally have some spare time, so let’s do something useless…”

Creativity is not something of minor importance,at all!

I think It’s rather essential to all forms of life. (Isn’t a dream creative ?)

Essential it sure is to me. I started playing marionettes when I was eight years old. (That was just after having played something else, during the eight years before).

I started my first workshop by the age of twelve. My mother always had something to do , sitting on the sewing machine, preparing gifts made of felt, macrame, wax, whatever, there was always some work in progress. scissors, and tools and various materials laying around.

I was a Puppeteer my whole life through. Travelling by horse for seven years. Every time I heard myself saying “oh I would like to …” I knew I was in again for more years of discovery, study ,new interests, deep pleasure of being creative, of being alive.

This inner state I call it Wynfyd

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