Well, this is for me a very special kind of moment. A couple of days ago I started making my new workbench. I saw this project back in 2012 on you tube. You can find everything about it on Paul Seller’s Youtube channel. When I first new about Paul Seller’s work, I was amazed, every time I watched a video of him. Back then I was making my first harp. I learned loads of things in his online series, his web site woodworking masterclasses and his blog .

The funny thing is that I always wanted to make that workbench and it’s only now that I finally get the time to do so.

Yesterday I glued the benchtop to the apron

Today I “just” had to prepare the well board. and fix the vise. So I quickly “just” did this. The well board was about two centimeters too wide. When I had cut off the piece, I saw that there were 8 mm missing. Don’t laugh! Three times cut and still too short as they say… Well, glued it back up and let it dry. Meanwhile I cut the feet off the bench. Some five centimeters. Me measuring only 162 the 97 cm bench height is too much. Don’t worry , I can live with it. Now I’m feeling just right working on it . So it’s 92 cm high and 180 cm long. I made the bench top 35 cm wide. Just happened that I had this kind of material at hand. So once I had done all this the day was over. 10 hours of pure pleasure, honest work. This is mine, I really earned it ! Straight forward, simple, sane. Wanna talk about projects, permaculture, spirituality, better world, don’t ! Just YOU go and do it ! You’ll find it all in there.

So well, tomorrow I’ll put in the wellboard. Inch Allah’

Then I’ll work on the benchtop. Still have to get it straight. There’s the front apron to care for, as well. The finishing of the vise protection and some oil for the surface.

Later I’ll make a good drawer, some extensions and the keeping well for the sharpening stones.

I love every bit of it… Thanks Paul!

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