On routers

What is a router for? You first take away most of the wood by sawing down the cross fibers and then split away the waste with a chisel. A router then easily cleans up the recesses. The knife can be regulated by hammering down the L-shaped iron. Go easy on the knife. How do you know how much to move it in? With one hand you firmly hold the wooden body and at the same time touch the knife with your fingers. The slightest movement you feel when tapping down is the right amount. Don’t listen to your mind. Nothing about mm and inches. Your fingertips know better!

The router on the upper images is the one I love best it measures 230 x 97 x 40 mm. The cutting part of the L- shaped knife measures 3 cm and the cutting edge is 8 mm in width. Remember these measures. They work fantastically well! This router has it’s place in my everyday-tooltray! Still , when it come to very wide resesses it would be nice to have it a bit larger. So I made a new one.

The measures of this new one : 345 x 136 x 40 mm with an old knife of 30 mm length and 10 mm cutting edge. This tool can be made in a couple of hours. Tapped the knife in with the wedge and went on with my work at hand.

The body is made of maple. Finish is walnut stain and bees wax. I heated the wood up a little to make the wax flow deep in. All in all very straight forward. So I introduced the new one to the family.

I rarely use the big chunky Ulmias. This german blend seemed fine to me until I first met the one on the beginning of this page. Here’s why: the Ulmia measures 117 x 200 x 60 mm the knife is 5 cm long and 15 mm wide cutting edge. This kind of “façon Bunker” chunk of Block is just stumbling over every knot and readily digs into any soft fiber that it stumbles across. Don’t take my word , better go and make yourself one with those ” 230 x 97 x 40 mm” measures. You will then see what I’m talking about.

Oh , forgot about the metalic ones. Well, truth is I love so much working with mine, the wedge tapping way is so instinctiv, precise and easy. I never touched the metal ones again. I’m not sorry !

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