This mug , or kuksa is made of walnut. It fits the hand nicely and holds a good amount of liquid. The surface is protected by a layer of food grade linseed oil. I’ll leave it sit a while before treating it with some hot beeswax.

Time is important, or rather essential. Time for the seeds to rest in earth. Deep silence to allow the tree to grow. This one gave so many thousands of walnuts; Walnuts difficult to peal, tasty but very hard to get out of their nut shell. Sometimes trees don’t want to serve no one. Just stand there, in the long silent present of their gentle being. I want to be like those trees. Well, until a certain point, let’s say. Somebody had the idea to cut into pieces and throw away that 60 year old walnut tree. Sometimes I would like to be a storm and blow away stupidity. Happily a friend picked up the wood and gave me some of it. So now that tree’s life goes on. Transformed into cups and bowls, I hope, this wood will share it’s deep warmth and silence and time with me …

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