more about hewing bowls

Have been hewing out the last three bowls fixed with a sash clamp held by the patternmaker’s vice. That allowed me to present the wood in an easily manageable angle with the adze. Now, that did not work too bad. Still I didn’t like the flex and the vibrations that ocurred this way.

I thought it over for a couple of days and decided to make another holding device. When I made the soundboxes of the harps I always wanted to be able to go around the work piece without having to lean over any broad table top. With some pine, over from the bench making and another spare vice, I quickly knocked together this workbase.

In order to make it sit firmly on the leg frame I added these two hooks

Seems like the structure holds equally well lenghtwise as sidewards. On this height the adze falls nearly downwards. The arm is not being strained. Once the coarse work done, this … what is it? … big fat sash clamp let’s say, well you just lift it up and put it into the corner. I’m going to try it out for a couple of days.

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