Cherry shavings crack like potato chips

No other wood does this noise. Cherry wood has its very own way to go through the spokeshave. Every wood does. You get familiar with them. The walnut I worked just before did not do this cracking noise. It stayed much softer, even after several days of drying. Cherry wood sounds like cristal as it slices away and yes, no other one cracks as potato chips, when, the next day, you step on them. Dont tell me to sweep ’em away. I’m on my cloud. These shavings are mine, I honestly earned every one of them. One per second or more, That’s a lot of mouvements, micro ajustments and good healthy sweating. They fill my workspace with red and orange reflections of pure beauty. There’s peach colours too and greens and gold and purple. A sent of purest cherry brandy makes me slightly drunk. An earthy smell rises from under the bark. This is paradise..

I brought these logs down from the mountain. I charged them in my car. It weighed so much, I could see the underwear of an Owl sitting on an Oak. There’s tons more of it up therein the mountain. The tree was pushed over by a storm. The main tronc is about 1.20 m in diameter. 6 huge branches broke off in the heavy atlantic storms of northern Spain. There’s still plenty of good wood to harvest.

Here’s short a video about cleaving

couldn’t wait to go to the workbench and dive in straight away

There’s more about the bowls on the market page

2 Replies to “Cherry shavings crack like potato chips”

  1. The bowls are lovely. My harp is cherry. How about putting some strings across a bowl to make a meditation instrument ( pentatonic f.e.) . Greetings from Vlissingen! 😘

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    1. Hi Els, yes I’m planning to hollow out some gothic style harps out of those cherry logs. I first have to prepare some place to bury them safely. Risky operation, that will take seceral month. Anyway I’m still waiting for my own chromatic harp to be done.

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