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Nymphs, Ephemeres and Dragons

when I was a boy my parents woke me up. It was way before dawn. They took us by bike to the forest and the lake. There we saw the first light of day on a fine summers morning. When se sun was warming up all around, we stayed there laying in the fresh grass. Suddenly I saw on my hand had landed a small green creature it had shiny eyes a translucent body and wings of such an amazing subtleness. Today, about 40 years later, I do remember this moment as one of my greatest love stories. I don´t know how much I stayed there laying on the ground. This beautiful fairy seemed just fine there. It did not seem to want to go away ever. And it did not. Its very essence keeps lingering on, very deep in my heart.

These treasures are eternal and cannot be really shared … okay that´s not entirely true . I made some of these EPHEMERAS to share with you

Every ephemera is unique. I love to see how the slightes difference in shape and colour changes the expression at the same time as the emotion we receive.

I like to play around in the workshop

texture, touch, solidity, ethic, all this is very imporant to me. It has to be soft for the fingers, warm in the neck and simple to make. The material has to come from close by. And most of all I want a workday joyful, vibrant as a sun. I want to share this with you!

the necklaces can be customized – any special idea ? let me know!


i wanted to be able to close these torqs with one mouvement, Something to wear and to forget that you have it around the neck. Without ant chemical glues and no cold metal parts.

From the harp making came this easy solution: the “violin peg slot”.

I wear one of these all the time … this braught me to this dragon headed torq

I made this “riddle egg slot” from a cut off from the swans head, you can see on the Harps page

wynfyds logo 1

…. after a couple of days I finally got this nice tobacco couloured leather from Cádiz, Spain. I finally could jump on the finish of these sweet little fairies o’mine.

So after a while of composing wings and bits of maplewood, (what happened to this fingernail?) here’s the new family ready to fly ….

There were 8 of them … being an efemara, one of them took off for the journey.

they are very nice, soft and cosy to wear around your neck, as a choker or larger. And when you don’t have them on, they serve as one fine dreamcatcher as well.

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