Big ladle in progress

This big ladle is coming along just fine. It's going to be used for shoveling water in a sweat lodge. Made from a big wallnut log with beautifully dense grain. Pretty tough to work on. Here's the first part of the working process. Avanzando con el cucharón Este cucharón grande, hecho de un tronco fuerte …

pequeña escultura

Hize por encargo esta pequeña escultura de una madera dura y con veta imprevisible y díficil a domar. Al final salió esta carita de bienquerencia. Mide unos 30 cm de altura.

Dragon sculpture

I recently made this dragon out of cherry. The base is made from oak. The quartersawn front shows some small flaming reflections that nicely enhance the fire element. It measures about 20 x 10 cm (3.9 x 7.9 inches). This one is sold.

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